#KFB Foodie Talk! How to make pounded yam in a Blender (Photos)


our newbies, the KFB foodie talk column – handled by Dobby of Dobbysignature – is basically for ladies and
‘guys’ that are interested in learning how to cook better ;).

Last week, we learnt how to make Samosa (HERE) and promised to discuss how to make pounded yam ‘in a blender’ this Wednesday…so here we go!

I must say as I type this, I’m so
excited. You know why??? Cos I can now ………Wait for it……….Wait for
it……….Wait for it…………..Make pounded yam in a blender!!!!!!
Yayyyy!!!!. Sounds unbelievable right?…..hehehehe!!!. 
Even as skeptical as i
was while attempting it for the first time, my mum was staring at me
like….”This babe wants to spoil my blender O!….someone’s soooo going
to get me a new blender…..lolz!”. 
When I was finally done and I served
up the pounded yam to her with okra soup, she stared at me in shock and even
told me to make extra for my papa. No lumps, No koko….just pure, smooth
pliable pounded yam. 
I want to say a big thank you to those who suggested i
tried it out after my post on How to make pounded yam from scratch through
comments and mails else I’d still be stuck in the stone age. And there I
was pounding yam with all my strength….LMAO!!!. Abeg! make una
follow me thank God for technology :D…..Lets go there!

How to make pounded yam in a
Blender/ Food Processor
•Prep time:
  5 mins
•Cook time: 15 mins
• Serves:      4

Things Needed:::
• A Blender or Food Processor
• A medium sized pot

• 1 Medium
Sized Yam tuber (Preferably old yam)
• Water
Slice and peel the skin off the yam
– Wash thoroughly with clean water



In the medium sized pot, boil the yam with water till soft for about
15 mins. Don’t let the water used in cooking the yam dry up as the yams need to
be moist before blending. Once the yam is done, cut up the chunks of yam with a
fork and place in a blender.


Step 3: Pulse the blender for some few seconds so it’d break up the
yams further. Blend for about 2-3 mins till you have a smooth and stretchy yam
(Please note that the blades of the blender need to be sharp to achieve

Step 4: Turn out into a flat dish
and serve with any Nigerian Soup of your choice


Try it out kfbers and tell us your experience!

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