#KFB Foodie Talk! How to make Rice puff puff

Our Food tutor, Dobby recently shared her NYSC camp experience in the North, Kano (HERE); you should check it out!

Rice puff puff aka Hausa Masa is a very popular snack
in the Northern part of Nigeria.
As early as 7am, the vendor always had hot
balls of Masa ready for hungry customers. 
As I watched from the side,
I couldn’t help but marvel at her level of expertise. 

Masa reminds me
of puff puff though the batter is made slightly
watery unlike puff puff batter and not as sweet as puff
puff. It’s prepared in such a way that, as you are removing a batch from the
pan you are also adding a new set into the pan due to the uncontrollable heat
from the firewood burner. The rice usually used for this meal is the type used
for Tuwo known locally as Sinasir (very white in color with broken rice
particles, sold mostly by Hausa vendors, soaks up water when cooked). From my
perspective, it requires some level of skill to achieve.

Traditional pan used for Masa


•3 cups
Rice (Tuwo rice)
•1 tsp.
Potash (Akaun/Kanwa)
•1 tbsp.
•1/2 tsp.
•1 tbsp.
Step 1: Dissolve the potash in water. In a medium sized bowl, pour
the potash-water liquid into 2 cups of raw rice making sure it covers and soaks
it (Don’t pour in the potash residue). Leave to sit for about 8-10 hrs or
overnight. This is done to ensure the potash which acts as a local tenderizer
softens the rice while it ferments.

Step 2: Boil 1 cup or raw rice till soft. mash in the pot with a spatula
and set aside

Step 3: Wash the soaked rice and blend till smooth with clean water. The
batter should not be thick but runny. 

Step 4: Mix the Mashed rice with the ground rice, add yeast, sugar, salt
and leave to froth and rise for about 25mins or less. Mix Once more and set

Step 5: Grease the Masa pan by pouring a little vegetable oil in each
hole. Gently pour the Masa batter into the holes and drizzle the top with more
vegetable oil. Cook for about 1min till golden brown then flip over to cook the
other side.


Step 6: Remove from the pan and serve. Masa is usually served with Yaji (dry spicy pepper), honey, stew, suya,
soup,or just plain sugar.


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