#KFB Best Friends Alert! Omobutty and Kunle Adegbite :)

We have just gotten a BFF alert and this time both parties are from the yoruba movie industry – Actress Biodun Okeowo aka Omobutty and fellow actor Kunle Adegbite…these two have come a long way and they are BEST pals :).

For the newbies, the KFB Best Friends Alert – where we feature top
socialites and their best friends – comes up on Thursdays.

Life is all about celebrating
friendship is one of the bonds that holds us together.

Biodun and Kunle met years ago when they got to play lovers in a movie – they have been best friends ever since….as a matter of fact, so many peeps think they are having an affair but Biodun says they are only BFFs.

“I am not having an affair Kunle
Adegbite, but the truth is that he is a great friend and a brother. I
will not deny the fact that we are quite close but nothing too special
and whatever anybody says or does will not stop me from being his close
friend. He is special” she says.

She calls him “My mental kunle”, while her kids call him “Uncle Kay” – he is so close to the kids.

Kunle Adegbite’s best times are when he is in company of Biodun – they attend parties, functions and feature in the same moviessuch as Ife go and Ala (they played lovers).

 He was recently made a Brand ambassador and face of FIJK flusher and guess who he called to celebrate with him – his bestie ;). They both posed with Pathfinder Jeep gift he was given and drove round town it.

Kunle has always been there for Biodun and her kids, that’s why she doesn’t joke with him.
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The best part of their friendship is – they use each other’s ‘photos’ on their Blackberry DPs with sweet personal messages like “Missing

So there you have it……#okbye

Btw, here’s a quick tip on how to be a great best friend
When you two fight, try to work things out so everyone is happy —–> Don’t say mean things, whether it is right in their face or through a
text. Apologize, but understand that it may take some time to get over
what’s happened. Let them cool down and talk to you when they are ready.

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