#KFB Best Friends Alert! Jackie Appiah and Bobby Ogbodo

For the newbies, the KFB Best Friends Alert – where we feature top
socialites and their best friends – comes up on Thursdays.

Last week we featured yoruba movie stars Omobutty and  Kunle Adegbite. 
Our BFFs for this Thursday are – Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah and Bobby Ogbodo.

Yeah, yeah you must have heard the rumors that they are dating, getting set to walk down the aisle etc but they are just BFFs for now, lol.

Jackie is a single mum of one, who enjoys attend public functions with BFF Bobby Ogbodo, she calls him ‘Bob’ while he calls her his “hommie of life”.

Describing how amazing his BFF is, Bobby said “Jackie is a beautiful soul. She is a wonderful person. ”

Jackie on the other hand said “He is simply a colleague and there
is no truth in the allegation that we are dating. It’s false! Because people
see us together does not mean we are romantically inclined. It is just a
figment of some people’s imagination. Some people are up to mischief.
Controversies no longer get to me. I have outgrown many things.We are Best friends not lovers…”
The pair have been spotted together
several times in Accra, Nigeria and London. 
As a matter of fact, they throw sweet shout outs to each other on the various social media platforms all the time.
Jackie is fond of teasing Bobby’s pink lips and smile but he enjoys teasing her pretty face – aww!

On April 1st, Jackie spent the whole day with her BFF to celebrate his birthday! 
“Jackie is a special woman. Jackie is my very, very, very good friend. We are
very good friends, that is how I can describe it. About people seeing us
together at some private places; I think that is normal. We are adults and 2
adults can decide to hang out together if they like to and is there any big
deal if 2 adults decide to be hanging out together, more so I have told you
that Jackie is my very good friend.” Bobby stated.

Oh by the way, they both featured in a new flick titled – Still Standing – they played lovers in the movie and the chemistry between them was fantastic.
We hope to watch it soon and bring you the review on the KFB Movie #okbye

Btw, here’s a quick tip on how to be a great best friend
When you two fight, try to work things out so everyone is happy —–> Don’t say mean things, whether it is right in their face or through a
text. Apologize, but understand that it may take some time to get over
what’s happened. Let them cool down and talk to you when they are ready.
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