Kemi Olunloyo awarded Gold medal in Nigerian Prison sports festival (photos)

Controversial lady Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo said her father used rituals to control his family.

Controversial journalist and former Oyo state governor’s daughter, Kemi Omolonlu-Olunloyo who was recently released from Port-Harcourt Maximum prison after she was locked up for 81 days over alleged “Criminal defamation” has been awarded a gold medal for partaking in the Nigeria prison Sports Festival!

#BREAKING Today I was awarded a gold medal in the Nigerian Prison Sports
festival which lasted 3 weeks the week I left. Medal day was today at
10am. I was in court. YES I enjoyed prison! It is not the best place. My
complainant cannot break me. I made the best out of a bad situation. I
can even make doughnuts and egg buns too. Wardress Sylva taught me. You
can also learn hairdressing and sewing. Most of the females are not
interested, just a few. Ijeoma is on death row and she made the dress I
wore on my exit and the one I wore at the news conference. These
services were FREE. I also did medication counseling free for inmates as
a pharmacist. My 81days was not to “correct or rehabilitate” me. I was
awaiting trial. Nigeria does not have city jails so we are mixed with
convicts. They wear blue, we wear green. That is why I call everyone
that called me ex-convict an illiterate. I have not been convicted of a
crime yet. Take corrections and improve your knowledge of the English
language. It was a rousing welcome for me as prison staff have never
seen me with makeup and traditional clothing. They said I looked good.
Even lawyers in court were all talking. Thank you Mr. Chibuike the
sports director awarding me the medal. I am now in the history books of
Magistrate court tomorrow. The plaintiff and his lawyers
were no show in federal high court. NPF lawyers were pissed as always.
The judge scolded the prosecutor saying they wasted my time and money
and the court’s too. Case adjourned till October 11-12th 2017. My
lawyers and doctor told me to try getting more rest. I am currently
unemployed as all my African and overseas assignments have been
cancelled due to seizure of my passport. I visited #MamaOwerri. She was
my backbone. Took mangoes on our tree to her, provisions and cash. She
is serving a life sentence and 71yo. She missed my exit day as she went
to the clinic. All my Ogoni militants and armed robbers were chanting
#MummyK as they crowded around DCP Omu’s office. I met with all the
prison bosses today. More to come as I testify in the Senate on prison
reforms. The men’s side are really suffering #hunger. I’ll be busy
writing my book #StraightOuttaPHMax

Kemi Olunloyo awarded Gold medal in Nigerian Prison
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