Jude Okoye quits as Peter and Paul (Psquare) fight each other during rehearsals

We don’t know how true this is it but there are reasons to believe that the Okoye brothers – Jude and Psquare – are either on the verge of breaking up or have broken up!
Reports say trouble is presently brewing up in the
P-square camp – this has to do with the twins being at constant loggerheads caused by one of their wives.

Here is how Linda Ikeji reports it:
I’ve been hearing a few stories about Peter and Paul Okoye of P-Square
having issues for a while now. I hear they disagree on everything
now…songs, videos, ideas etc…On Wednesday April 16th, I gathered exclusively from industry sources
that the brothers fought each other physically during rehearsals. They
had to be separated by their dancers. This is fact!
I hear one of the wives is causing some of the problems between the

Also, their elder brother and manager tweeted this a few minutes ago “After
ten years of hard work, it’s over and I’m done!!!” – which implies that he has quit his office as their manager.
The Okoyes – P-square and Jude Okoye delved into music in 2004 (ten years ago) and have been
active ever since.
So far, they have released six successful albums.

Recall that Jude Okoye missed Peter’s wedding because he didn’t approve of him marrying Lola Omotayo ….we guess it’s all backfiring now….oh well!

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