Jonathan now eats locally produced rice&bread made from cassava


President Goodluck Jonathan now eats locally produced rice and bread
made from cassava as part of efforts to encourage indigenous production
and stop capital flight, says Minister of Information Labaran Maku.(lolzzzzzz)

“The President is emphasising made in Nigeria products; if you go to the
President’s house today, he eats rice produced in Ebonyi State…Ofada Rice; the imported rice is not eaten in the
Presidential Villa…also there, he eats Cassava Bread that has just been introduced, which is saving Nigeria almost N300 billion in imports.” Maku disclosed  in Abuja on Thursday at a Ministerial Platform.

The minister urged Nigerians to “patronise the things that are researched and produced here, the country will develop.”

According to him, Nigeria would develop only when Nigerians begin to patronise goods researched and manufactured locally.
How does that concerns us? Who cares if the president actually drinks garri or guguru and epa, or uses Candle & Lantern?…lolzzz, I hope he strictly goes to Nigerian hospitals and depends solely on PHCN as well. winks*

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