#Jesusinnairobi trending on twitter as Jesus look-alike is spotted walking barefoot in Nairobi (photos)

Twitter has gone crazy for a man who bears a very strong resemblance to the popular depiction of Jesus Christ.

The ‘Jesus’ look alike was spotted in Nairobi, Kenya on November 24, 2016.

According to numerous sources, the white man had long hair, beard and no shoes.

He also wore, what appeared to be a sleeveless gown, carried a cloth bag on his back and held a walking stick.

This created a huge commotion on Moi Avenue, a major road inside the city, as people stopped to take pictures with him.

Twitter also had a field day with the Jesus double. Check out these hilarious tweets.
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people are busy looking for  instead of looking for the Bible,,brethren repent..he cant be Jesus hehe

 @ItsMainaKageni Women taking selfies with ‘Jesus’…I feel sorry for the men who are going to pick a wife out of this bunch!

Did you people look at his hands to confirm if he has nail marks, like doubting Thomas did in the Bible. 

Just when you thought 2016 couldn’t get any crazier now Jesus dropped from heaven!! Am done 
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