Japhet Omojuwa slams Deji Adeyanju for claiming he was given N1million not to protest

Blogger Japhet Omojuwa has slammed Deji Adeyanju for claiming he was given the sum of N1million by government sympathizers who wanted him not to stage a protest demanding for the release of Omoyele Sowore.

Adeyanju made the claim at a protest which took place at the headquarters of the Department of State Security, DSS, at Aso Drive yesterday, the 12th of November.

Adeyanju said, “We were offered one million Naira at gunpoint with a promise for more for us not to hold this rally. Those who gave us this money know themselves, we also know those who gave us the money.

“We will not compromise, if those who gave us the money don’t come and collect it back today, we will give it to Femi Falana SAN to defray Sowore’s legal costs.”

Reacting to his claim, Japhet Omojuwa stated that, “If the government did not needlessly detain Sowore after the courts granted him bail, the public wouldn’t be served with this disrespectful attempt at assuming the general public is collectively daft to believe a rabble rouser would be offered N1m at gun point”.

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