‘It was a badly recorded video’ – Nigerians express disappointment in Buhari’s nation address


Nigerians have taken to social media to express their disappointment, following President Muhammadu Buhari’s nationwide address on the ongoing critical situation in the country.

According to Buhari who wasn’t remorseful about the Lekki Massacre, Nigerians should stop protesting and everyone needs to get back to their daily activities.

“I call on our youths to discontinue the street protests and constructively engage government in finding solutions. Your voice has been heard loud and clear and we are responding.” Buhari said.

Another thing why Nigerians are disappointed in the nationwide speech was because the president refused to acknowledge the peaceful protesters that were killed at the Lekki Toll Gate on the 20th of October, 2020. Instead, he chose to talk about how the Oba of Lagos’s palace was looted.

Read comments from Nigerians below;

@Irunnia_wrote “They no gree pay the person wey edit that Buhari video his complete money. They tell am say his work na complete rubbish”

@thespian_nozy wrote “Cut and join Live video, continuity error…. Jubril from south sudan !!….. Rest in Useles peace buhari… !!!”

@therealist247_ wrote “This man is the absolute worst, he spoke a whole bunch of NOTHING and didn’t take accountability for massacre and lives lost at lekki toll gate, this man showed zero empathy for the lives they took and he still somehow managed to blame protesters for the thugs they sent out to disrupt the peaceful protest, he spoke on the “oba’s staff that was stollen” but couldn’t address the lives that where taken?? He sounded absolutely unapologetic, like he is soo untouchable.. what a sorry excuse for a human being, we can’t afford to loose focus! We must match and protest for the lives lost and the entire massacre at lekki tollgate! Let’s not let them sweep it under the rug! #reformnigeria”

@Pog_llinsw wrote “That wasn’t a live video it was recorded. That isn’t Buhari but Jubril!”

@DavidOlateru wrote “Your president speech was 50+ pre-recorded clips joined together.Shame! Muhammadu Buhari”

@posshh_ wrote “Buhari showed no sign of emotion, no empathy whatsoever. Omo We don enter one chance abeg”

@jacksonpbn wrote “Buhari’s speech lacked leadership, empathy, sympathy, love for all. It was unapologetically proud of the #LekkiGenocide and offers no plans for justice to those killed. Those who advises Buhari are his greatest enemies!”

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