Is Oge Okoye having marital issues?

Everyone is asking if Oge Okoye’s five year old marriage to hubby,
Stanley Duru is still intact and we can’t help but wonder too – as all
pointers indicate otherwise!
We understand the ‘privacy law’ but hey, they have not been seen
together for a long while now and she hardly mentions him on her social
media accounts.

The rumour mongers say Stanley Duru is based abroad and is dating
someone else leaving Oge Okoye in Nigeria to cater for their kids – a
boy and a girl.

They further allege that Oge Okoye has been responsible
for the upkeep of the children.

While we still seek the truth,  Oge recently took to social media to show off her adorable children.

She failed to mention or give credits to any man for the well being
of the kids; instead, she sent her ‘kisses’ to God for being her ‘best
daddy and soul provider’.

“High above the sky….into the clouds/to the moon then back…that’s how
much Mum loves these two lovely bunnies…right about time…Thank you my
best Daddy/my Very own Best Friend/ my Soul Provider / Giver of
Peace/that’s you GOD.muahhhhhhhh!!” she captioned the photos.

She also marked her son’s birthday over the weekend and had everyone except Stanley in attendance.

She further posted this ‘meme’ which had many of her followers asking questions.

Recall that the actress also built herself a mansion late last year and also acquired a brand new toy – without giving credit to any ‘husband’….are you thinking what we are thinking?

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