Is Chimamanda Adichie Okay at all?!

You all know that award winning
writer Chimanda-Adichie is  happily married to U.S based doctor, Dr. Ivara Esegee, right?

Well, it appears that she’s starting to have marital problems and here’s why.

She had a recent interview with a SUNNEWS reporter and had this to say about her name:

“Before we start, please, I just want to say that my name is
Chimamanda Adichie. That’s how I want it; that’s how I’m ad-dressed,
and it is not Mrs but Miss. Ms: that’s how I want it. I am saying this,
because I just got a mail from my manager this morning. 

It seems that
there are people who attended the church service, and they wrote about it, addressing me as Mrs. Chimamanda (Esege). I didn’t like that at all. So my name is Chimamanda Adichie, full stop! My name is Chimamada Adichie. If you want to put label for me, put Ms. “

But people know that you’re married. As an Igbo girl, you know our culture, the interviewer countered…..
“What does our culture do? Let me tell you about our culture. This thing
that you are calling our culture –that when you marry somebody, you’ll
start call-ing her Mrs. Somebody –is not our culture; it is Western
culture. If you want to talk about our culture, you need to go to people
in real Igbo land. But it is true. My grandfather’s name is David. His name is also Nwoye. They call him Nwoye Omeni.
Omeni was his mother. You know why? It is to help distinguish him,
because there are often many wives. So, it was his mother that they used
to identify him. They know that all of these people came from the same
compound, but whose child is this one. You may go and ask people who is
Nwoye Omeni, and they’ll tell you it is my grandfather. So, conversation about culture is a long one. I don’t even want to have it.”
In as much as I respect her views on issues, I do not agree with this at all. It doesn’t sound OKAY! #okbye 🙂
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