I’m set to remarry but still looking for a serious suitor – Top Actress, Toyin Adegbola

Though she is now above 50 years
of age, actress Toyin Adegbola’s beauty and achievements in the Yoruba Movie Industry
still speak volumes and would endear any man to her. As an actress,
Toyin Adegbola has done well for herself and as a mother she has trained
her children to an enviable stage; all of them are Masters degree
holders and they are also doing well in their own chosing fields. 
Lately as a politician, ‘Asewo to re universe’ as she is fondly called is trying her best to mark her presence.
one question people won’t stop asking is whether Toyin Adegbola will
ever remarry. In a chat with recently, she was asked
the same question and her response would interest you.
know at the initial stage I felt there is no man I will marry and would
not want a child or two from me. And that I was sure couldn’t do
because I love my children so much and the only thing I can do to make
their late father happy is give them the proper care a mother could give
her children on earth. That I have been able to achieve, as they are
now grown up and they all have Masters degree in their academic
pursuits. So, I think my fear is over and I can now remarry if a serious
suitor comes my way. Maybe someone that just needs a life partner or
something. You know am above 50 now”, she stated.  
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