If you are struggling with overcoming fears & finding purpose, then this Lupita Nyong’o’s speech is for you!

Oh wow, you wanna be inspired, then this it for you! Lupita Nyong’o, Academy award–winning actress was the keynote speaker
for the 10th annual Massachusetts Conference for Women on December 4,
2014 which had a sold-out crowd of 10,000 attendees.

The award winning actress spoke on how she was able to overcome her
fears in order to achieve her dream of being an actress. She had to unchain herself from indecision, cut
through fear, jump over her ego, embrace her vulnerability and confront a
great deal of impostor syndrome.
Here are highlights from the speech:

A dream is the glimpse of that thing you want to do
that would make you feel most alive.
Acting is not like Maths where there is only one
correct answer to the problem and once you figured the formula you are set. In acting, sometimes coming up with the wrong answer to the
problem is the best way to figure out the formula for yourself. 

When you fail
and fail and fail, it is the constant exposure to failure that frees you from
the stronghold of ego and then you embrace vulnerability, it is in embracing
vulnerability that you can surprise yourself in performance.

Fear plays a role in keeping us safe. The solution
is not to eradicate fear but recognize fear as a with compassion and act in
spite of it. That is what courage is after all, doing the things
you fear because what u are to gain is worth the risk.
7 keys you need to overcome fear:  

and articulate your fears to yourself then look for what u love and articulate
that to yourself and to others…that way love will grow stronger than your

out to your stretcher bearers: Story of how a crippled man was brought to Jesus
in a stretcher by his friends. We need at least four stretcher bearers in our
life, people who would remind us that we are not alone. People who would carry us
to healing n safety when we can’t do it our self.

questions for yourself; take reading recommendations from people you expect.

not underestimate the power of writing down your dream

Breathe, meditate

for it and always allow failure to be an option

forward and repeat it all. With new each challenge u face, expect to learn
these lessons again, it will always be harder and different if you are growing.
Step and repeat, it doesn’t ever get comfortable but it gets familiar.

You can watch the video (HERE)

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