“I wish I had the power to heal people” Timaya’s Secret Desire Is to Be a Pastor

 “I wish I had the power to heal people. I am
always inspired whenever I see men of God like Bishop David Oyedepo
preaching and teaching people. They practise the same teachings and
become millionaires overnight. I wish I can do that with my music.”
“I would love to be a pastor. I really want to be one,”popular musician, Timaya, recently told PUNCH.

What’s stopping you bro? First step, get born-again (by
believing in your heart that Jesus died for you and confessing with your
mouth that he is Lord over your life) and step two; find a bible
believing church to attend where you can be taught the word of God and
grow thereby. Step three; who knows, start a church…after all, the
‘Ogologo nma’ song where you sang the praise of God all through is one
of the best you’ve ever done.


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