” I was with her the day before she collapsed” – Colleague shares Kefee’s last moment

One of Kefee’s colleagues – has just given us an insight into the last days of Kefee in the US and before she went into the coma that led to her death.

He wrote;

“So sad, this has got to be one of the saddest moments in my life. There
should be some corrections though. She was on a flight from Los Angeles
to Chicago, but she collapsed and was taken to a hospital in Las Vegas.
She died in Vegas but she didn’t die pf pregnancy complications.  I was with her the
day before she collapsed. She had been in Los Angeles already. She
performed at Gospel Faith Mission House of Testimony on Sunday.

The next day, Monday, she was shooting a music video in Hollywood, CA. I
was one of her camera guys. She seemed fine that day, and I could see
nothing wrong with her at all. She was happy, smiling, dancing, laughing
and enjoying herself.

There was a whole crew and we spent the entire
day shooting the video. The next day, she was supposed to board a plane
to Chicago for what I believe was either another concert or another
video shoot, I’m not exactly sure but as she boarded the plane and they
took off, she collapsed. The pilots were forced to land the plane in Las
Vegas, Nevada and there she was taken to the hospital.

She’s been in a coma ever since and now this. She’s passed and my heart
is heavy. I had so much fun shooting her video. And if you could see all
the excitement was caused, you would be so happy. It is a sad moment
indeed. I just can’t believe this. R.I.P. because you served the Lord
well Kefee. R.I.P.


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