Pastor Tunde Bakare tells an amazing story of his beautiful moments with Buhari

Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Latter Rain Assembly, in a new interview
has revealed his best moments with the Presidential candidate of the All
Progressive congress, party, Gen. Muhammad Buhari.
In his testimony about Buhari, Tunde Bakare told this amazing story below:
“People say Buhari is an extremist but he is a great personality. I have
had the privilege of working with him at a very close range especially
during and after the 2011 presidential election.

A lot of propaganda out
there surrounding this great man, some would see him as an extremist, Islamic fundamentalist and who hates religion aside from his, as someone so hard
that he can’t laugh or crack a joke, but i find none of these to be

These people fabricated all these lies against him because they know
that if he wins the election, they would have to flee this country…he is
not a fundamentalist. I remember when his driver asked me to pray for
him on our way to Kaduna in 2011, i told him straight away that i
couldn’t pray in Islam because i was no longer a Muslim and that I could
only use the name of Jesus.

But the Driver said, “I am a christian’ and I
realized that he is not the only worker that is a christian, his guards
were Christians, Buhari has christian workers around yet people say he is
an Islamic fundamentalist.

I also remember when we got back from a
campaign and he was tired and while going to his room, he staggered and said,
Jesus Christ of Nazareth and i went ‘What”…I said General, I thought it
was a swear word and he laughed and said ‘Pastor you don’t have the
monopoly of Jesus Christ.”

On his sense of humor: “They say he doesn’t laugh at all but I say you don’t want to hang around General for too
long, his sense of humour is out of this world…one day, while i visited him, he said, Pastor do you know we have
three things in common and said oh really and he said “you are the last
child of your father so i am, number two, of all your father’s children there are
only two left and so is mine, and but I beat in the third one, your
father had 22 children while mine had 23. And we laughed and i told him,
i beat you also, i was born a Muslim but i am now a christian while you
are still a Muslim and he laughed so hard….you liars should stop your lies in the name of God”
You can watch video of the 5minutes testimony HERE

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