‘I only had sex with my daughter 4 times, her boyfriend must have impregnated her’– Dad confesses (photo)

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Gafar Hamza, a 43-year-old night guard, was arrested by the Oyo State Police Command in June when a neighbour reported him after discovering that his 20-year-old daughter was pregnant and she claimed that her father was responsible for it.
Hamza, a father-of-two from Offa, Kwara State, separated from his wife about 15 years ago. It was gathered that his 16-year-old son caught him, twice, in the act, and, angry at what he perceived as intrusion, the man became hostile to the boy.

During interrogation at the police station, a police source said the daughter disclosed that her father always demanded to know when she was menstruating and strictly warned her against having a boyfriend. As of July, the pregnancy was three months old, according to medical tests carried out.

In an interview, Hamza said: “It is true that I slept with my daughter. I think it was diabolic attack from my enemies who do not want my progress in film making, that made me do it. I believe it was the devil at work.”

He confessed to have had sex with her four times, but he was not sure that he is the owner of the pregnancy, though he confessed to have ejaculated into her during sex sessions.
When asked whether he would prefer his daughter’s pregnancy to be aborted or left to be delivered, he said “anyone who aborts is a murderer. She should deliver the baby so that people would know that I am not likely to be the father of the baby.”

He also denied developing hatred for his son after catching them twice. His words: “The first time, I was on top of her. My son came in and saw us. I had already withdrawn when he caught us the second time.I only disciplined him because he was not good academically. He his 16-year-old and still in primary 4.” 

Hamza was charged to court in July and was remanded in police custody by the magistrate.The case has been adjourned till August 29.

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