“I love to cook with it” See Woman Who Is Addicted To Drinking Blood

A 29 year old woman has admitted she is addicted to drinking blood.
Michelle, 29, has been downing pig’s blood since she was a teenager, and
now says she cannot be in a good mood without it – Dailymail reports.
‘Blood is as
important as water to me,’ she says during her appearance on the show.
‘I like to drink blood when I’m reading, when I’m relaxing, when I’m
watching TV, when I’m painting,’ she explains. ‘There’s never a bad time
for me to drink blood.’

The Lancaster, California native’s addiction is so severe that she says she cannot start her day without a sip of blood. ‘I drink it and I get energized,’ she says of the liquid.
Sometimes she indulges in her favorite snack straight from
the glass, but she also likes to cook with it or mix it in with other

‘I wake up in the morning, I pour it into my coffee
cup,’ she says – adding that she also enjoys an authentic Bloody Mary
made with the real thing. But not all blood is created equal, Michelle insists – she prefers pig’s blood to cow’s blood.
While most people might be disgusted by the idea, Michelle says it is in fact very similar to drinking wine.‘It definitely has the same ambiance,’ she says.
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