Susan Peters finally opens up on her engagement, wedding plans and more

Late last year, actress Susan Peters showed off an engagement ring n her instagra page. After months of keeping mum on the issue, the actress has now opened up on it in a recent interview with Ynaija,
Read excerpts below:

On fashion:

“I do consider myself very fashionable and take
a great pleasure in making myself and others look good.”
“Fashion and modeling has been part of my journey. I
started modeling as well in 2003 and has done so many adverts like billboards,
TV commercials, press, handbills and many more, some of which are: BAT (British
America Tobacco) For West Africa Billboard, Fidelity Bank billboard, Bank P.H.B
billboard, Golden Penny Pasta billboard, U.H.F. Long life Milk Billboard,
Haemeron Blood Tonic Billboard, Airport Branding, Finbank TV commercial and
press, amongst others. ”
On marriage plans:

“Well, my wedding plans are coming up very soon. I
like keeping my personal life private. Although I like being in the news for my
outstanding kind of dresses, but I’m a private person. I’m so happy about the
engagement, just like every other single girl would feel when proposed to. I’m
excited about it because my man loves me just the way I’m. ”
“when it is time for my marriage, I will let you
On career:

Recounting how her journey into the entertainment
industry began “I have always had the inclination towards the arts. I studied
Television and Film at Video Waves And Camera Film School and graduated in
2002. At school, I came out as Best Overall Female in the class. After an
excursion with my classmates, I began auditioning for acting jobs amongst other
Nollywood projects and started acting in 2002, the same year that I graduated.”
“As a producer, I now know how it feels to be on the
“other side of the fence”! The budget you set keeps growing as you go! It was
hectic! You have to attend to the other executive producers and actors who may
be frustrated over changes. Basically, put your feelings aside and exercise
patience to accommodate all characters, “no pun intended” and personalities.

On life in general:

dedicated to my career! You get distracted with life’s happenings sometimes and
wonder if you should add other things to your plate. As far as I am concerned,
I am on the right path and I am grateful to God!

“You know as people or as artiste we go through dry
seasons. However, in those moments, you take the opportunity to polish your
craft so that when the opportunities to showcase your talent come, you are on
point. So that is how I keep going.”

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