I left God, He didn’t leave me – Man who denounced God, Francis Vincent tells his story in an exclusive chat with Kemi Filani Blog

Remember the Facebook user (Francis Vincent) who went through a lot after denouncing God and finally retraced his steps (Read HERE)? Well KFB had an interview with him and he talked about a lot of things. He opened up on why he left God, Problems he faced afterwards and how he retraced his steps… Enjoy below…

About Him

I’m Francis Vincent (Donvin) from Delta state, Nigeria.
I’m a Blogger, Website Designer and an Internet Marketer.

Growing Up

I was born and bred in Ibadan, Western part of Nigeria where I had my early education.
While growing, people call me Pastor due to my consistency in church activities while I was still attending Apostolic Faith Church then.

Why he denounced God

I never denounce God, I only back slide from the truth I know which is Christ.
It all started while I was growing up, I had a burning love and passion for the things of God, I was a choir in church, drama leader and director, and among the prayer warriors.

God was lifting me up and helping me win many souls to Christ on daily basis but Satan was unhappy and had his own plan.

I started listening to my friends and I started seeing myself as old-school.
I started wishing to see what’s behind the tunnel and enjoy life to the fullest just as the Satan put it on my mind.
I started listening to contradictory messages and blog post that is against God. I don’t want to be among those who says God doesn’t exist so I stood on the fence; God exists but he is not the one in the Bible. All the proofs are folly though but the more I go deep in hating Biblical God, the more I get entangled with Lucifer.
The truth is, I do even tell people I will love to go to hell instead of serving that God.

Experience after backsliding

To me, I was just living normal, peaceful and I felt I am the wisest man on earth.
Even though I left God, he never leave me. He blessed me still, gave me twins as first kids. He provided my dream car and paid my huge debt of N3.6Million after 6 months. He did it because even though I wrote a lot of controversial post about his WORD yet I do pray to him in Jesus Name whenever I need him and he will answer but instead of acknowledging all these to him, I was taking all the glory because I felt I am wise and can play God.

If he joined an cult group

I left God, he didn’t leave me so the Holy Spirit didn’t allow me to join such.
Never join one for once in my life.

 Why he retraced his steps

The story is long but I had problem with my business, I took the wrong step since God’s not with me so I am taking my own steps and my steps were wrong.

I took the wrong step then I fell. Instead of looking up to Jesus to lift me up, I looked up to myself, my intellectual, knowledge and ability to make money again since I DID it myself before. But no, not this time. God want me to learn something, God is interested in bringing me back to him.
Gradually I started losing all I had even my respect and trust that’s giving me so much ego online.

My best friend I was owing arrested me and kept me in cell for 15 days. It was in the cell I heard the word of God again and again everyday.
Then one day the Preacher in the cell preached using the Prodigal Son then the story became my story. How God my father loved me so much and I decided to go my way and use my strength instead of being under his umbrella.
I actually enjoyed for a moment then I lost it all. I was still stubborn to go back to him, I still wanted to find more ways out but no way out without God.

I had everything before but I had to beg for food inside the Cell. God talked to me and I felt sorry for everything and I pleaded for mercy and I found PEACE.
I lived the remaining days in Cell communicating with Him and he do talk to me every time I talk to him.

How he feels now

Happy and Fulfilled. Peaceful and Calm.
All the fear is gone.
He is now my source of happiness and I want to learn more about Him every seconds of my life.

I lived my life for people before, scared of what they will say but now, I live for God.

His twin
Vincent, in his car
His second baby
Vincent, wife and twins
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