I Have A Testimony: ‘How God Delivered Kemi Filani From Kidnappers’

Life is beautiful. God is awesome.
Saturday evening, while everyone
was probably resting at home, chilling with friends, planning for the
new week etc, that was when I decided to embark on a journey – Sango Ota
to Abeokuta (both towns are in Ogun state so it’s not a very far
distance, it’s a 40/45minz drive).

You see, I wouldn’t have
embarked on the journey but for the ‘little’ misunderstanding I had with
my mum….so I decided to go and spend the weekend with my other mum, I
call her big Mummy.

So, feeling cool with myself, I boarded a
taxi from my junction – two passengers were already in it (2 men) – one
was seated with me at the back seat while the other one was at the
passenger’s seat in front.

I suspected nothing!
I entered, we discussed price and I began pinging away, lol.

driving a few meters, the dude seated at the back with me brought out
his fare to pay and then said ‘driver hope u have not 4gotten where I’m

I looked up and noticed a resemblance between the driver
and dude, like they were brothers or something, same tribal marks and
eyes but non-nonchalant Kemi retired to her pinging!

A few
minutes later, the driver parked (the road is a quiet one, expressway)
and the dude said ‘let me carry my bag from d boot before you move oh’
and the driver said ‘which bag, iyou didn’t put any bag in my booth o’ –
oh btw, the conversation was in yoruba.

The dude was lyk ‘have
you forgotten, a black traveling bag’ and the driver responded with
‘that bag in my booth is not yours o…cos I ddnt see you putting it in
the boot”

So the dude in front said “ok, you two should go and check the bag and see who is lying…abi”

And then the driver said “what is in the bag sef?”and the dude said “it’s not your business”

The dude in front spoke again “yeah, what did you put in the bag”

the while I wasn’t exactly paying full attention even though I was
kinda listening, I was busy with my chatting *covers face* until I heard
“ok, you caught me, it’s money that is in it (the bag)…”

Ghen-ghen! I looked up immediately and remembered that I had heard such stories before.

I recollected that my sister once narrated such a story…where she boarded a taxi too and sat at the back seat with a couple.

said “Anoda fair woman was seated in front with d driver. After driving
past two junctions, the driver packd and said he wanted to do
something, so he went 2 the booth and then he came back and asked the
woman in front what was in her bag.

The woman said baby clothes, but he said it was a lie that what he saw in the bag was money – dollars.

woman started crying and began begging the driver. She pleaded with him
to help her bcos she stole d money 4rm a certain chief who wanted her 2
sleep wit hiz dog. The driver now asked how much if it was converted to
naira, and the woman said it would be like 10million naira…

The driver smiled, promised to help but insisted that she will have to pay him some money 2.

woman agreed! So the driver asked the passengers at the back to get
another taxi, but the other passengers said they were not going anywhere cos they also want to be paid.

The woman then agreed 2 pay all of
us a certain amount, buh me I jst got down. The annoyin thing was when d man
seating beside me said “sista no worri she go giv us plenty money” and I
was like hell no”

When my sister told us the story a few months back, we all laughed over it.

I remembered that another friend of mine had encountered such, she said
boarded a taxi too and after a few minutes, the driver and one of the
passengers began to argue about some money.

“they argued until
the man in front insisted that they should all go and share money after
cutting d bag at a babalawos place. I didn’t understand what was
happening until the lady beside me said “sister today is our lucky, we
are getting free money” and I was like “for what” and she said “were you
not paying attention since” she talked, talked but I told them, to drop
me immediately”

Now back to me…
So I knew whats up and
smiled inwardly, a smile of ‘u have gotten the wrong person dudes, I
can’t fall for your tricks” I put my phone in my bag, picked up the
other bag gently and tried opening the door to get down but the door
didnot Open!

See Gobe!

My heart sank. I tried opening it
again but it didn’t open o, that was when I became scared…I was like
‘choi, God is this how you want to punish to me for the misunderstanding
I had with my mum”…and then another thought came, why not try
breaking the window just like they do in the movies….

All the while, these peeps were still arguing o.

while gathering my strength to er-mm break the window, lol…it wasn’t
funny…the driver said ”sister, u want to come down ni’ and I said
‘yes pls’ he ignored me at first but the dude in front said “wait, let’s
clear this out, umgbo, is it proper to travel with millions of money
without letting d driver know on hand? What if we had been stopped by
the police, the driver would have been put in trouble now. So we are
asking that he gives the 3 of us out of the money afterall d money iz a
stolen one”

I muttered “whatz all this rubbish now? God, see, my
name is oluwakemisola…so pls act now, deliver from these men and I
began praying in my heart, pleading the blood of Jesus”

They must have noticed that I wasn’t paying attention so the driver said ‘she wan commot, she no want’

cut d story short, God sha intervened…I tried opening the door and it
opened!!!” You needed to have seen the way I ran out like a ram that had
just escaped the ramadan slaughter, lol!

Almost immediately, the vehicle zoomed off…the dude didnot get down again, imagine!

I was able to get another cab and yes, my mum was the first person I informed, lol…

it appears that’s the new method for kidnapping peeps, they try playing
with your intelligence and if you gullibly fall for their trick, they
drive you off straight to …er…, God knows where and I hear the blood
is is not going to be on their head but yours because you willingly
followed them….toh!

Let’s all be careful… Somebody shout Aleluyah!!!

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