“I and Alamieyeseigha are like Siamese twins” – GEJ declares…

President Jonathan has described as ‘painful’, the fact that Nigerians
are protesting the presidential pardon he gave to himself, even though
officially it was the name of his former boss, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha
that was written.
According to a source at the villa, the president told
a close confidante that what people fail to realise is that granting
Alams a pardon is like pardoning himself because “I and Alams are like
Siamese twins conjoined at the hips. Unfortunately for me, he has fatter
hips, that’s why he can easily do inter-continental gender swap but I
can’t. Do you know what he knows about me and my time in Bayelsa? If he
whines those hips and opens his mouth, it will crush me, so when he said
he wanted pardon, I honestly had no choice.”
………Oh really?!

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