“I am the only child, I can’t wait for my parents to die, so I can inherit everything” — South African Guy shocking tweet

A South Africa user, Phetsogo‏ has declared that he cannot wait for
his parents to die, perhaps in a car accident, so he can inherit their
properties, which includes his dad’s 4 cars and his mom’s 2 cars.

In a tweet which has since gone viral on Twitter, the unidentified
guy said: “I’m the only child, i can’t wait for my parents to die so i
can inherit everything. My dad has 4 cars and mom 2”

his tweet went viral, social media users have commented on it, and
wondered how someone whose parent nurtured for years, would wish death
upon them.

“A condom would have saved us all from this tweet”, tweeted a user,
who was obviously disgusted by Phetsogo’s tweet. “He is a product of bad
sex”, another user added.

“Did it ever cross your mind that your father might have other
children outside his marriage to your mother? RSA law entitles them to a
share”, a tweeter tweeted.
reply reads: “And you wonder why you’re the only child, they did not
want to multiply the stupidity, you are a bunch of stupid, 3 in 1.”

Not moved by all of this, Phetsogo stood his ground and said eveyone was just jealous his parents are rich!

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