I am not a ritual killer, i only killed her after raping her – Ifeanyi Dike who killed 8-year-old cries

UNIPORT Undergraduate,
Ifeanyi Dike, who was rearrested in Jos after escaping from a Police
Station in Port-Harcourt where he was being interrogated, has revealed
how he managed to get to Jos.
Ifeanyi who escaped from the state
CID, barely 24 hours after being paraded following his arrest a
vigilance group on his way to dispose off the body of 8-year-old Victory
Chikqmso, whom he allegedly kidnapped, raped and murdered, was arrested
by officers of the Plateau State Command, after breaking into a house
in Barkin Ladi to steal.

Speaking to newsmen, Ifeanyi said he travelled to Jos from Port Harcourt through a trailer that loaded goods to Jos.

“I came to Jos on August 21, 2017 because I was trying to
run away from the alleged ritual offense I was said to have committed,
but I am not a ritual killer.
I only had sex with the girl and cut
off her body while trying to escape from the environment, but I am not a
ritual killer,” he said. .
While speaking on why he was arrested
trying to robbed a house in Barkin Ladi he said: “I thought it was an
abandoned house because I was looking for a place to hide so that people
will not identify me, but unfortunately the owner was in the house and
he raised alarm then I was arrested.”

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