“I am not God but what I can promise is that Boko Haram won’t attack again…” – Goodluck Jonathan

Yup…President Goodluck Jonathan just said that at the ongoing presidential media chat! “I am not God..but what I can promise is that Boko Haram won’t attack Abuja again. We are doing our best. We had a Security Council meeting today with respect to the Yobe Killings”  President Goodluck Jonathan said this while hosting his fifth Presidential Media Chat.
He further said “People talk about Boko Haram as if Jonathan is the cause of Boko Haram.
Yet it has been there and it was even in 2009 that Yusuf (Boko Haram
Leader) was killed…boko Haram worsened because it was not “properly handled at the beginning,”
“Most part of this country is safe now for any celebration, even in Maiduguri…Our low key celebration of Independence Anniversary is not because of security, next year will be a bit one”
He also said “Anybody saying Nigeria is broke is just playing politics with what he is not supposed to” when someone asked him about his wife, he said “she is fine, she went to church today”

BTW, he tactically ignored the question about him not visiting the violence prone states. The chat is still on, join here 

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