I am more than a fashionista…Jesus appeared to me when I was three years old” -Chris Okotie

Rev. Chris Okotie, founder of the Household of God Church and presidential candidate of the recently deregistered Fresh Democratic Party (FDP) has disclosed that “Jesus appeared to me when I was three years old.”

“Then I did not know that I was going to be a minister. It was when I was in law school one morning when God spoke to me about going abroad. That was when I went to Oklahoma to study pastoring.”

Speaking on private jets, he said “If it is necessary, why would I not? Right now, I do not need a private jet. I do not do the kind of job that requires a private jet. I do not have branches all around the country where I have to fly back and forth. I do not need it. It is not just about having a private jet; it is also very difficult to maintain. So, if a minister has the resources to do it, that is between him and God who provided it for him. It is really not my business…but I will say that anything that we own must be scripturally based.”
Speaking on his style, hair and suits…he said “I am more fashion conscious. I do not want to call myself a fashionista because that may sound clich?. I have good taste. The suit I wore recently on Sunday came off the runway from Dolce and Gabana?s new collection. When you look at the Bible, God was very particular about the apparel of the priesthood. I like good clothes and maybe it has to do with my orientation. Fashion has a way of giving you confidence.”

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