I am getting married soon – Child star, Benita Okojie talks love & marriage

It’s been 12 years since Benita Okojie first graced our TV screens and melted our hearts with her hit gospel single, Osemudiamen.

Now 24, the cute singer met with a national newspaper,  to talk about growing up in the public eye, she also relives the experience of stardom and adulthood.

All grown up, Okojie speaks briefly about a wedding around the corner
to a man she claims is not from the music industry but she’s seriously
keeping mum about his identity.

“As a young lady, boys will seek one’s attention but one should learn
to have a great relationship with guys while setting boundaries with
them at the same time,” she said.

Yes, yes, she’s always been one of the smart ones. See full interview below:
Child   stars face a lot of pressures while growing up, did you experience such?

I did but the winning factor for me was the close relationship I had
with God and my family.  I did not shut my loved ones out of my life.
They are the ones who can tell me the truth about anything, no matter
how big it is. I have a good relationship with my parents and I talk to
them about everything. My mother, especially, was a pillar of strength
for me and I was able to tell her a lot of things and she helped me
through all the changes. I am a very spiritual being and I pray a lot.

How did you handle the superstar treatment in school?

The early stages of the job were very harsh on me. I had friends who
just had issues with my person, not necessarily because I did anything
wrong but because they felt that I was going around with a larger than
life image. I do not think that was the situation but because I am out
there, everybody wants to judge me based on what they don’t even know.  I
thank God for my parents and my siblings who helped and supported me
all the way. I made very good friends also. Now, I am a graduate. I have
friends who I hook up with once in a while and we hang out and attend
functions together.

What lessons have you learnt as an adult?

I have learnt about growth. As a young lady, boys will seek one’s
attention but one should learn to have a great relationship with guys
while setting boundaries with them at the same time. Your parents should
always be people you respect, no matter how big you are and how much
money you make. You would always need parental love and support. Mine
have been there for me all the time. Sometimes, when the youthful
exuberance in me crops up, my parents would always make sure that I stay
grounded. They always remind me of where I am coming from, where I am
going and what I have done. That has kept me balanced. Guys would come
and go but your parents would always be there.

What has been happening to your music career?

I am working on a couple of singles and a talk show but while I am
still waiting for all of that, I am having as much fun as I can have.

Are you limiting yourself to gospel?

I do inspirational songs. Whenever I go for concerts and they tell me
they have a mixed crowd and would like me to mix songs that are not
purely gospel, I would get songs like Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of
All, Mariah Carey’s Hero. These are songs that inspire and motivate.
The most important thing is that you pass a positive message across to

How old are you now?

I am in my 20s.  I am sure you know that women have an issue with revealing their age. I am enjoying my 20s.

What are your favourite accessories?

I love rings a lot. They are very fashionable to wear. I like wearing them until the real ring comes.


Very soon. You should get an invitation when the time comes.

Is the man also a musician?


What does he do?

No comment!

What is a typical day like for you?

I wake up, pray and blog, but I have not blogged for a long time now
because I have been investing money in a song we are working on.
Sometimes, I rehearse. I am learning to play the guitar and I check how
far I have gone in perfecting my guitar playing skills.  Then, I go on
social network to see what impact my project is making in the lives of
people.  I also try to answer as many messages as possible.  I do house
chores. My parents don’t let me go out without doing my portion of the
house chores. I clean my room and wash the plates. I have to do all the
things that I should do in the house because I will become a wife some

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