‘How Side Chicks Are Important In The Society’ – Woman Explains

Side Chicks’ advocate
A bold woman has come out open to proclaim that side chicks are necessary in the society.

In a-20-second video making rounds, an anonymous woman has
confidently given her own reason to why ‘side chicks’ are relevant in
the society.
Should you’re lost on what side-chick means, it is a mistress; a
woman one dates in addition to one’s girlfriend or wife, usually (but
not always) in secret.
She noted that for career driven women who don’t have time for their
homes, side-chicks are useful to satisfy the sexual desires of their
While the woman believes she can be opposed for her odd position by
other female counterparts, she however said that side-chicks should not
be marginalized in spite of their posed advantage in homes.
Watch video:

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