How Nigerians are reacting to the mysterious camcorder found in Lekki Toll Gate


Nigerian on social media have reacted to differently to the mysterious camera found at the Lekki Toll Gate bt former Lagos state governor, Raji Fashola.

Kemi Filani recalls that the minister discovered the camcorder while on tour on Sunday to the Lekki toll gate where #EndSARS protesters were shot bu unknown military men on the 20th of October, 2020.

Some Nigerians who feel like the camcorder was planted there by the government to deceive its people took to twitter to express their thoughts.

See some comments below;

@UnclePamilerin wrote “I love Fashola ooo.. next time, daddy should look at the script very well before he acts. That’s a terrible acting. So no one saw that camera for days, not even lawma. Omo, they no rate us true true.”

@Iceprincezamani wrote “Somebody pls tell me the Minister, Fashola and his guys running into a random camcorder at Lekki toll gate yesterday was a joke !!! Pls I’m begging anyone… Just say it’s a joke, Thot lawma just cleaned the whole place up and Jide already did a tour !?”

@DrOlufunmilayo wrote “Immediately after Lekki Massacre: •Sanwo Olu inspected the crime scene, •Arise TV reporters were there…•LAWMA has done a clean up..•Private volunteers have gone to clean…NOBODY found a camera…Until Fashola came from Abuja…Special Agent Fasho. Our Agidingbi Sherlock Holmes.”

@boy_director wrote “That Fashola video shows why Dey can comfortably tell us snake swallowed millions! This people no rate us Atall!”

@AyoBankole wrote “Fashola’s behaviour mirrors/amplifies the behaviour of many Buharists on this platform who prior to 2015 appeared to be the most logical, analytical and smartest of the pack, then suddenly started dancing naked in stupidity in desperate attempts to defend their stomach. #EndSARS”

@SteveCypha wrote “Fashola was even using cloth to pick the camera not to contaminate the evidence. And na person papa be this

@Nedunaija wrote “The Nigerian state is totally ridiculous in its modus operandi….Fashola finished making a comment that resonated with me, and then stepped out to go discover hidden camera at the scene of major crime. ..The confidence these people have in our presumed stupidity baffles me.

@Alan_yournextbf wrote “The way this government underrates us is absurd, you blocked our accounts for donations we outsmarted you and used bitcoin, you tell lies with local stations but we still get foreign stations to see the truth.
This generation is smarter than all this fashola film trick. Try again”

@Omoissydeyhere wrote “Since Agent Fashola Reddington discovered the mysterious CCTV camera at Lekki Toll Gate, he should be deployed to Sambisa to uncover the perpetrators. A National Hero!Raising hands”

@Olumuyiwa__ wrote “Fashola and Osinbajo are about the same thing. Generally believed to be brilliant men with no moral fibre.
They’ll always be cast as people who are helpless while their higher ups use them. But the reality is that no one can spend that long being Tinubu’s boy and still have sense”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. My Name

    October 26, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    To me, what really matters now is the contents of the Camera, since it was allegedly found at the controversial Lekki Tollgate, presently referable to as “a crime scene”!

    The Contents of the Camera is expected to tell us whether the Camera has been at the Lekki Tollgate before, during, or after the crime!

    I just hope the Camera is one of those types that can “see” clearly in the dark, I mean, even when all the lights have been put out, as was the case in the Lekki Tollgate as at the time of the Massacre!

    I don’t know how it’s done, but I once got a small picket-sized digital camera that was able to record things in the dark.

    I tested the Camera manufacturer’s claim to that effect by going out of my house at night, during a power outage, and tried to record my pitch black surroundings, and found that the Camera manufacturer’s claims about the Camera’s capabilities was actually true!

    Presently, I don’t know where the Camera is, since a long time ago!

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