How Nigerian man from Akwa Ibom state wedded his Oyinbo fiancee in a lowkey wedding (Photos)

A Nigerian man from Akwa Ibom recently wedded his Oyinbo fiancee in a very simple wedding ceremony that held abroad. A Facebook
user, David Akpan, shared photos from the wedding and praised the
newlyweds saying no typical lady from Uyo in Akwa Ibom state will ever
let her man wed her this way, without a loud, lavish wedding. Read David’s after cut…

You know say these people don marry so?
The guy na Akwa Ibomite o, brother to Enobong Udoessien and the shody na oyibo.
don see buffet, 10 tier cake, DJ, Compere, event center wey dey collect
200k to rent, wedding gown wey take 45k to rent, suit wey be bespoke,
branded photos, bouncers or entourage. Have you seen any table with
Hennessey or Remy Martin on top?.

Best man sef plus bridesmaid no
dey o. Make una look well. These are some of the reasons some men clock
40 and are still too scared to take the bold step!!

Typical Uyo
babe no go gree this kind o. She will probably want to give her friends a
lasting memory while the guy will run into debts just to satisfy her
and then they go home and starve. After all the show, everyone will
retire to their homes and leave both of you alone forgetting all that
happened there!!

God help us and flush out this demonic philosophy
of unnecessary expenditure. How beautiful and glamorous a wedding is
doesn’t guarantee the success of the home. Guys and ladies plus parents
of children beware!!

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