How much does it cost to host Mr. President?

Hi kfbers, have you ever wondered
how much it actually cost Churches to host President Goodluck Jonathan?

During the election campaigns, we
all watched  President Goodluck Jonathan as he moved from Church to
Church…we focused more on the money he spent on his campaign without
considering how much it cost the host Churches?

Let’s take a case of the one of the
big Churches he visited not once but twice.

He went there with over 500 men,
with his regular police lining, military police, the DSS, the SSS, some
military guys, and also the anti-bomb crew. That’s not all, he also had the
villa special security, along with motorcade escorts.
And the people in this particular
big church actually fed and gave water to all these security and Special Forces
men, (twice), which means they fed 1000 people, if not more. Not counting
special meals for Mr. President himself and the special adviser team, and the
escorts and entourage alongside the pilots of his very large helicopter.

Now can we do some Maths …Oya do the maths now…. how much
does it cost to feed 1000people. 
And for sure the president didn’t give a love
gift to this host to appreciate their hospitality…believe us, he didn’t.
Charity begins at home or
maybe the president sent something but one of his aids didn’t deliver as has
been the story of this tenure.
A lot of personals around him always swallowing
what he sends, just like the kings in the south west said to him during the
campaign we have never heard from you o Mr President and he replied I always
send something but something got missing on its way from Villa to the

We hope its not to late for all in
Power to learn some key lessons. 
Don’t go anywhere empty handed. and
even if you did, if they show you love, respond back in kind and don’t send
someone and if you have to send someone, follow up to confirm. Nigerians too
love money.
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