How I got a church to address the issue of noise pollution- Finance Executive

In Nigeria, renting an apartment near a place of worship is one of the most dreaded situations one can find oneself owing to the massive noise pollution that one is likely to suffer as most churches and mosques attack a super powerful speaker just outside the church in a bid to spread the “gospel”

This of a fact has got into the skin of most people however, most Nigerians can’t do anything but stay confined to their rooms and suffer the noise pollution which robs them of their sleep

A female financial executive identified as Oluwatosin Olaseinde, while referring to churches operating in residential areas without sound proofing their buildings as “inconsiderate” and “wicked” has shared on Twitter, how she managed to take control of the situation in her neighborhood only recently

Olaseinde explained while sharing screenshots as proof that she got tired of the noise coming from the church and had to take laws into her own hands by chatting up the church head about he unpleasant situation

Thankfully, the church responded favorably and promised to do something about the noise.

While recounting on the incident, she stated that it’s inconsiderate to subject residents to noise from a church considering Jesus would never do a thing like that.

Check out the screenshots below;

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