Gov. Fayose’s wife prays more for her husband than herself!

Behind every successful man is a praying woman.
Mrs. Feyisetan Fayose, the prayerful wife of Ekiti state governor, Mr. Ayo Fayose is a born again christian who worships with the Deeper Life Bible Ministry.

In a recent chat she had with CityPeople she said:
“When my
husband said he wanted to go into politics, I was against it because we
were successful in our business. So, the question was why? He told me
he would love to serve his people and gave me the opportunity to pray
about it. He said he would abide by the outcome of my prayers. What I
heard then was there shall be no loss and I told him to go ahead that
the Lord would assist him but he must be ready for battles here and

She further added that, “My husband is the only one I have. After
God, it is him. I don’t have any life besides him, so, you can see him
in me and me in him. I don’t have any other duty to perform than to
support him spiritually, physically and morally. If I have 10 prayer
points to pray about, if you look at it very well, after thanksgiving, I
raise a lot of prayer points. At least, nine of those prayer points
will go to him, then the remaining one, I will split it, half for the
children and the remaining half for myself.”

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