How God saved my life – 75-Year old survivor of Kano Bomb blast tells his story!

One of the survivors of the mul­tiple explosions that hit the Kano
Central Mosque in Kano, 75 year old Alhaji Mo­hammed Isa Tiga, is full
of thanks to Allah for sparing his life.

The old man who is currently recuperating at the Accident and
Emergency Unit of the Abdullahi Wase Specialist (Nassarawa) Hospital,
told Sun newspaper that those responsible for the blasts came in a Sienna
space wag­on just as the Jumat prayers were about to start.

According to him, the three suicide bombers who pretended to be worshippers too. drove in with the bomb laden vehicle.

Hear him: “As soon as they arrived, they stepped out of the normal
worshippers and looked every bit like wor­shippers until they began to
op­erate. I was close by. I saw the three of them alight from the car. A
few min­utes after they walked away from the vehicle, the bombs
ex­ploded. As peo­ple tried to run away, the young men pulled out their
guns and were shooting at those struggling to escape from the blast. I
suf­fered injuries in the confu­sion….my sur­vival is a miracle I really
don’t know what happened to the three men…” he told Sun.

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