How God has kept my marriage to Goodluck Jonathan for 21 years now – Patience Jonathan

We all know President Goodluck and his wifey met  at
the Rivers state College of Education where she was pursuing her
Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE) and B.Ed while he was a lecture
the department of Biological science…Patience has now spilled their love story and how far they have come in a new interview, see excerpts below:

“My first impression of him was
of a tall, dark, handsome young man. I also found that he came from a
good Christian home just like I did. His humble and gentle disposition
caught my attention and most importantly, his intelligence”.

Jonathan, who married President Jonathan in 1993,
said praying together and discussing everything together has been a sustaining force in their 21 year marriage.
of us are from Christian homes and our complete trust is in Jesus
Christ. We pray together as a family every morning. What keeps us
together is that we are each others best friends and soul-mate. We
discuss everything that comes up and advice each other accordingly. We
depend on each other. We do not let the sun set on our grievances” she
The couple are blessed with 4 children, a son Arewera Adolphus, Daughters
Aruabi and Abayola and Faith Sakwe-Edwards, their foster daughter who had
a grand wedding in April.

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