How Fred Amata almost died in the Los Angeles earthquake

It was not a scene out of a movie for Nollywood actor, Fred Amata, as
his bed shook during Tuesday night’s magnitude 4.4 earthquake in Los
Angeles, United States.

Narrating his experience on Facebook, the popular Nollywood actor said he was
lying half-awake in bed in an undisclosed location in the U.S city when
he felt his bed shake.
In an instant, he was wide awake and saw how his bed continued to shake
firmly from side to side, as the earthquake subsided and a 2.7
aftershock followed briefly.

“I did not have the faintest clue what was happening. It was over too soon,” he wrote.
Fred said his thoughts raced to the supernatural as he contemplated what could have happened.
As he was wondering whether he had imagined his bed moving a few minutes
earlier, his film producer brother, Jeta, called him to ask how he felt
while the earthquake lasted.

It was Jeta who made him realise that he had just experienced an earthquake.
Jeta reportedly relocated to Los Angeles since 2010.
The quake was felt in much of Southern California and centered near the Orange City county of Yorba Linda.
It was also felt as far away as Downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica.
Additionally, a 4.5 quake was reported near the small town of Parkfield in Central California on Monday evening.

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