How Evil Baby Mama Took My Son Away & I’ve Never Seen Him For Eight Years—Actor Yomi Fabiyi

Yomi Fabiyi

Blunt and versatile actor, Yomi Fabiyi currently has more stories to tell than his divorce from his British wife, Fran.

He was married to the Briton for almost four years before he decided
calling it quits due to irreconcilable differences on geographical

But there is another kettle of fish for Yomi, who is a best friend to Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu.

Not everyone knew that he had an eight-year-old child, Metomi whose mother has gone away with him for eight years!

Recently, the actor, who obviously is sad over the development,
shared a throwback picture of himself and the baby on Instagram, wishing
him a happy eighth year birthday.

He wrote:
Thank God I took these pictures then. That means I may not have any
with the boy. It hurts to celebrate your own child’s birthday at any
point with stolen pictures for the past 8 years.

This is NOT a punishment to my sin cos I am clean and innocent on
this. It’s a clear case of recklessness and youthful exuberance.

Since she took him away at this age, she must have decided not to
return him to Nigeria so I won’t have access to him. Now she has
secretly relocated to America with him when I was thinking they are in
South Africa.
Ibukun know me better and know instantly I would never have married Fran
because of paper or money despite our differences. I can bet my life on

So, for those who had said rubbish about me marrying a white woman
because of passport or money, I forgive you. Now you know one of the
reasons I got married to the white woman. Aside we liking each other and
in a class of her own right, she promised during the early stage of the
relationship to help by travelling with me to South Africa to sort my
access to the kid out(not necessarily custody) as that will be easy as a
step mother. That got me and I didn’t mince words, I went in for the
marriage. I doubt if any thought about a different reason, YOU JUST WENT
WITH CROWD. If what you are ready to give out is a guess, please don’t
prove to know.

I cannot have a child and forget he existed because the mother is
unnecessarily evil and enjoy connivance with some evil characters too.
My child is worth more than anything and denying him my love, care and
tutelage is criminal and sinful against God and him.

However, please learn to free your mind and thinking. I
don’t care if you are rich, popular, exposed or has professorate degree.
If you cannot respect an adult’s choice or decision, provided it is
nothing criminal, illegal, evil or anti-social, YOU ARE UNCIVILIZED. You
are poor. Rich & busy minds don’t get angry or pained about the
choice others make (If not bad) to be happy
.” (sic)

Recall that when his wife was asked in an interview on the cause of
the divorce, she said, “I am still in love with my husband but we cannot
keep living this way. I wish there was another way we could go about it
but there is none. It is true that I agreed to relocate to Nigeria
after marriage but plans changed and I cannot relocate from England. I
understand that my husband cannot also move to England but we cannot
keep living like this for the rest of our lives.

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