How Dele Momodu responded when asked if Davido and his cousin, Sophia will end up marrying each other

You all recall the Davido versus babymama drama that occurred earlier this year. Well. City People magazine recently caught up with Dele Momodu and here are excerpts from their chat.

Of recent, there was news about
Davido Baby-Mama and it became big news because Chief Dele Momodu
happens to be the Uncle to Sophie, how did you react to Osinachi Remix
by Davido?
You won’t believe that I just saw the
video for the first time less than 2weeks ago. I saw the thriller for
few seconds before that but I never bothered to go out of my way to
watch it as I actually thought he was abusing me and I expected him to
abuse me but when someone is like your son, you just have to let it
past. Whether we like it or not, we are like family. His Dad and I have
known each other like forever. The devil is a liar, when good things are
happening, the devil will want to come in between it and all. I saw it
on-line first as people were tweeting about it and I initially said,
well, he is abusing me, no problem. You know several times in the past,
he will attack me and apologize. I understand how he feels, he feels I
am supporting my cousin against him and that is not it. All I wanted was
just peace and I am happy we got it.

What is the situation of things now?

Well everybody is fine, all we wanted was
just for them to acknowledge the mother of the baby and I have to say
that Davido’s father was a perfect gentle man. What usually happened was
that some people will go to them and tell them something and still come
to us to feed us too.  People just wanted trouble at all cost but God
Does your Cousin see her daughter now?
Yes of course and that is why I said Davido’s Dad is a perfect gentle man and he did everything to bring about peace.
Do you see them coming together in future?
Well they are adults and I can’t talk about that.

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