“How Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries Has Made Our Marriage Stronger” – Myne Writman

Myne Whitman is a writer, editor, publisher and blogger. She is the author of two romance novels, both of which rose to the top of bestseller lists for romantic fiction within their first few months of being self-published.
 She is happily married to her best friend and they marked their fifth wedding anniversary recently.

She posted the beautiful message below on her blog a few hours ago:

 Atala and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on Valentine’s day
back in February. It was a couple of weeks after I returned from my
3months stint in Nigeria, and I remember leaving some threads hanging
loose and a few people asking me to extend my stay for a couple more
weeks so I could tie them all up neatly before returning to the United
States. I told them plainly, not gonna happen. I care a lot about
succeeding in my business and will make allowances on how it would
affect my time with Atala and thus our relationship, but my wedding
anniversary is very important to me.

It all started on our first wedding anniversary. We had followed the
tradition I found out while getting ready for the wedding, that the top
tier of the cake is often kept and is brought out by the couple on their
first wedding anniversary. That sounded great to me. None of my
previous relationships had ever crossed the one year mark and here I was
getting married at over 30 after having thought all the while that I
would never find “the one”.  So though I knew I really loved him, I was
still scared that my short tolerance fuse would blow and I would want
out sooner rather than later.

So as we set out to our honeymoon, the top tier of the cake remained in
the freezer. Atala travelled back to the US with it, and I joined him a
couple of weeks later. Living together as man and wife is no cake walk,
but we remained loved up even after we had those deep discussions that
follow big blowouts. Our cake continued chilling in the freezer. A week
to our one year anniversary, I was like wow, we made it!

For the first anniversary, I printed out new personalized wedding vows –
the bishop who officiated our wedding used the generic ones – and we
pledged them to each other. We ate our cake, and a tradition was born.
We would always mark our wedding anniversaries. And I tell you, it has
made our marriage stronger and healthier.

There are a lot of jokes abour one spouse or the other forgetting their
wedding anniversary; but I take them really as jokes. Really, who would
forget. If you set the date and got married that day, surely it is worth
remembering. For us, Valentine’s Day is a distraction but it also
deepens our feelings of love on that day. It is also a time for us to
think of our original vows, and if necessary, make new ones that are in
keeping with the growth and development of our marriage.

Anniversaries are great for spending quality time with your partner. If
possible you both need to discuss how the marriage is treating you both
thus far and if you need to rekindle the fire of your romantic
relationship. This is really important where the burdens of life are
pushing you away from each other. Gifts are not imperative but they are
great as a way to show appreciation of all the love, care, and joys
received from one another, as well as the acceptance and encouragement
given in other aspects of life.

For our fifth wedding anniversary, one of the things we did was to take
some commemorative studio pictures and I’ve shared some of them below.

 We say congrats to the happy couple!
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