How Alaafin of Oyo’s son was brutalised by police in Lagos

The latest victim of Nigerian police’s brutality is singer and crown prince of the Oyo town, Adeyemi Adetona, better known as Tillaman.

He recently alleged that he was  brutalised by the policemen at a checkpoint at Abraham Adesanya Epe, Lagos.

The police men on duty didn’t recognise who he was and he didn’t reveal his identify as well.

In a phone conversation with Pulse, the musician
said he had just opened a bar and was coming from the site when he was
apprehended by men of the police force close to Abraham Adesanya estate
in Lekki, Lagos.

 He explained, “I was trying to stop at the police
checkpoint, but there was a trailer coming behind me with full speed,
and I was trying to tell the police officers to allow me to pack my car
very well because the trailer might have a failing brake since it is
coming with full speed. So, I had to use my survival instincts to move
the car a bit from the checkpoint.

“Even the policeman ran away from the checkpoint because the trailer
kept coming at full speed. The next thing he corked his gun, told me to
get down from the car, started searching the car, while he was at that
he kept on abusing and cursing me.”

As if that wasn’t enough, he said they wanted his phone, adding that they were not interested to know who he was.

“He asked for my phone, he didn’t even ask me to introduce myself and
I was just playing along because I didn’t even introduce myself as the
son of the Alaafin of Oyo. While this was going on my
friend, a lady was recording everything. He tried to assault her and I
just told him that if he was doing the right thing, then you wouldn’t be
assaulting anyone.

next thing he put the gun on my chest, threatening to kill me. I then
used my left hand to remove the gun from him. While we were arguing,
other officers came. They came with a tear gas gun. I then introduced
myself to their boss who came out of the truck as the son of the Alaafin
of Oyo; it is engraved on my body. Their oga who happened to be Yoruba
saw it and became scared because the other officer was already dragging
me to the station.

the boss after recognising me as the son of the Alaafin of Oyo, decided
to walk me down to my car. So, I was like if I was not the son of
anybody that’s how they would have handled me anyhow.”

It was learnt from a source that the policemen in that area are known
for brutalising young men on the claims of being suspected fraudsters
and they must have mistaken Tillaman for a fraudster. The source said
when he didn’t seem to comply they decided to give him a dose of

The singer also shared the ugly experience via a post on his Instagram page:

“Police brutality!!! My horrible experience last night at a police check-point at Abraham Adesanya Epe, Lagos…. God
bless Nigeria.”

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