Honest Lagos airport guard discovers and returns N1.2m belonging to a passenger

A Lagos Airport guard, Joseph Akilo, who works with Aviation
Logistics and Management Limited (ALML) and earns N25,000 monthly,
reportedly returned the sum of $3,338 (about N1, 218,370) a passenger on Virgin Atlantic Airways flight to London lost.

money belonging to one Frank Abebemi was in two separate envelopes, and
left behind as he was going through profiling at the counters of the
airline. The money in the envelope which had details of the owner of the
money, was discovered by Akilo when he was clearing the check-in
counters of the airline, after the closure of boarding at around 8:35
reports that he then took it to the Station Manager of Virgin Atlantic
(Gloria), who notified the pilot who called out the name of the
passenger through the cockpit address system.
Upon inquiry from
the owner, Abenemi insisted he didn’t lose any money, but when he was
asked about two envelopes with some dollars, he immediately checked his
hand luggage, but could not find the money there. It was then it dawned
on him that he had misplaced the two envelopes.
He was probed on the exact amount of money in each of them, which he answered correctly. Then, the envelopes were handed to him.

to the news, a source said: “Without telling anyone, as some of the
workers there might want to convince him not to report it, Akilo
secretly took the envelopes to the Station Manager of Virgin Atlantic


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