Hilarious twitter reactions trail MMM’s decision to freeze all its members’ account for one month

Please who know the Address of MMM; or the family house of the MMM owner. 
As the news broke that popular ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox also known as MMM has been frozen for a month, Nigerians in their usual fashion have gone on social media to express their thoughts and feelings on the likely “doomsday” everyone has dreaded. See more funny tweets below.

  1. What u don’t know about sergie mavrodi is that whatever he did always end of crashing starting from Russia to USA to Zimbabwe 

  2. I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! I TOLD YOU SO! Come and beat me if you hate being told so. 

  3. Me when I woke up to see  have broken people’s heart just few days to Christmas ????? Karma ia a Crazy Bitch ??
  4. Presently at d crash site of ? looking for d black box.??

  5. God please, for the sake of those parents that used their kids’ school fees, let MMM come back stronger…????

  6. Treasurers of different unions about to get real fucked up this Christmas. 

  7. Hmmm ? just heard that a lady borrowed N3.5million for D MMM scheme but D GAG is ‘MMM accounts are FROZEN’ She done enter GOBE! 

  8. How people on the tl who didn’t do MMM or have taken their money be like:  
  9. Are my dreaming or what? So  has finally crashed! This cant happen now because the leave of madness will increase 🙂 😀 

  10. Happy Christmas to everybody wey dem money dey MMM Nigeria #PidginLanguage #MMM #MMMNigeria @… 
  11.  patrons are about to have a very interesting Christmas and New Year.

  12. Invest in givers forum while mmm is on pause mode. Call or WhatsApp me for more info 08165766203 

  13. People of  how market? Ya accounts have been freezed. Oya come and queue with  pipu.

If MMM Nigeria are as smart as I think they are, this is not final. It will come back January, restore confidence, then crash big time.

We finally have a winner for this year’s  ..


MMM Nigeria

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This is how MMM crashed in South Africa. In May, MMM SA announced a freeze, just like MMM Nigeria did in December, SA still frozen.

I pray MMM Nigeria don’t crash yet till my friend gets the money he put…I don’t want to lose a friend cos he put his life’s savings in MMM

If MMM Nigeria had a physical office, imagine the stampede or war at that location. Lol!

“But you said you didn’t put money in MMM Nigeria, why are now crying. lol You wanted to be richer than me”

When you put your cash a day to the freeze of MMM Nigeria

A woman berated me 4 not doing MMM.
She invested alot & got alot.
Now MMM Nigeria is ?

I will call her this evening to know how she’s doing

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