Hehe! Obasanjo’s unexpected reaction to his Hilltop Mansion Fire

Former President Obasanjo has reacted to this evening’s fire incident by simply sharing a joke.
At a press briefing expected to dwell on the cause of the fire which was put out by officials of the fire service, the former president surprised Journalist by letting out a loud laugh and making a jest about the fire.
Speaking in Yoruba language, Obasanjo said “Go, go and sing to the whole world that ‘the Kings house that is gutted by fire only beautifies the house” and dismissed the journalists after the statement.
Obasanjo’s hilltop mansion in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, was gutted by fire for over 30 minutes this evening until officials of the fire service savaged the situation.
The fire started from Mr. Obasanjo’s private office, a stone throw to his bedroom, before the security in the premises raised alarm, and the state fire service was contacted.
Hehe! Wonders shall never end…

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