Hehe! National identity number and 666 mark of the beast!!!

NIGERIAN Identity Management Commission, NIMC, has dismissed fears that the ongoing electronic identification of Nigerians, was a gradual fulfillment of the Biblical 666 mark of the beast.   The Director of Information and Technology of the Commission, Alhaji Aliyu Aziz, explained that there was no correlation between the ID programme and the Biblical 666 mark of the beast, noting that the exercise will not replace the periodic national census exercise. He said the new identification number will supersede the former national identity card issued to Nigerians. But wait oh…Mark of the beast! Really? I’m surprised in this age and time in
the year 2013, Nigerians are still shallow minded! Nigerians
need to be forward thinking and not looking for ways to sabotage the efforts of
the government….#okbye!
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