Hehe! How “missing N4 million” handed to Abuja police disappeared into thin air

Lolz…our able Nigerian Police Force….
A food seller in the Karu Motor
Park, known as Mama Ngozi, was alleged to have found the sum of
N4million misplaced by a white man who came to eat in her makeshift

Like a good Samaritan will do, the woman took the money to the Karu Police
station which was just a stone throw to the motor park and handed the
money to the officers on duty for safe keeping, in the event that the
white man who misplaced the money came back for it.

After she had taken the money to the police
station, the officers on duty allegedly took the money and sternly
warned her to deny ever seeing such money or bringing it to the police
station. (Lobatan!)

According to the sources, as soon as the woman returned from the
police station, neighbours and other people who did business around the
park thronged her canteen and started berating her for returning the
money to the police when she could have helped herself with such huge
sum. When the husband of the woman heard
about the incident he also berated her for returning the money to the
police.When the
white man who misplaced the money returned to the canteen Mama Ngozi
told him that she did not see the stipulated sum.
So the question now is, who took the white man’s money?


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