Hehe! Christmas cow goes crazy in Onitsha, injures man

Hehehe! Nobody (not even Animals) wants to die…A middle-aged trader at the Onitsha main market, Obinna Adimora, has been admitted into a private hospital following injuries inflicted on him by a crazy cow in Awada area of Onitsha on Christmas day.

Local media report that the crazy cow which was purchased at the cost of N120, 000 was bought from donations made by tenants in a commercial building located in Ben Aghaeze Street.

As planned, the cow was to be killed on christmas eve but while the butcher contracted for the slaughtering was sharpening his knife, the cow made a loud noise, broke the rope where it was tied and charged ferociously at the people.

The cow further broke a table placed in front of the building and used its horns to break a car windscreen.
Everyone including the butcher ran for dear life; however, Obinna fell while running and the cow attacked him with its horns.

It took the timely efforts of some Hausa (suya sellers) and maiguard in the vicinity to rescue Obinna and also arrested the raging cow, which was slaughtered immediately.

Some residents of Ben Aghaeze Street who witnessed the incident expressed surprise over the attack, saying that the cow may be mad or possessed by an unclean spirit. But one of the tenants simply called Ikechukwu said whatever may be wrong with the cow was immaterial since the meat would be devoured by all the contributors. He regretted the attack on Obinna during this festive period and expressed hope that he would recover fast.

Obinna is presently responding to treatment at Okoye Memorial Hospital, Awada.

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