Hehe! Biology, the mother of all subjects…

Yayy, it’s saturday! It’s another great saturday…goodmorning y’all. Hope you all slept beautifully? Do you guys remember a particular course ‘Biology’ which has to do with the study of life and all?
If you are a Nigerian and you had your secondary education in Nigeria, then you must have taken the course too because Biology is one of the core subjects one has to pass.
So, a baby of mine was given an assignment on animals; she was asked to state 20 animals and indicate the animal type (vertebrate/invertebrate), the habit and how it adapts to its environment. Trust me, the questions looked very easy but while helping her through, I found that the assignment wasn’t as easy as I had thought….Lolz…I had to spend hours googling the answers this morning.
While checking through the answers I found that I had forgotten most of what I had learned back then….amphibians, reptalias, ovivoparous, etc and it brought back memories. Memories of how I would spend nights ‘cramming’ sentences from the Modern Biology textbook. My favorite topic then was ‘skeletons’ and the reproductive organs.
Anyways, gone are those days. The main fact I am trying to point out is that ‘we shouldn’t stop learning…that you are done with school doesn’t mean you should stop reading…readers are leaders! I hereby use this opportunity to wish all the students going for their SSC exams today, a ultimate success…Kemi Filani wishes you the very best!

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