Heartbreaking: 4-year-old boy writes touching letter to his late father after being made to believe he is in the U.S

A 4-year-old boy, Jomiloju, is being made to believe that his late dad is alive and also resides in America. His godmother, Toromade Folasade, shared an emotional letter he wrote to his dad who telling him how he loves and misses him, and that he should
get him a bicycle when he comes back from Amercia. Read the story after cut…

This is my 4 years old godson’s letter to his dad(he lost his dad wen
he was a baby) telling his dad he loves and misses him, also requesting
for a bicycle(pls ignore the spelling) and I’m literally crying cuz I
may never know the feeling of missing my dad but I do know the feeling
of waiting for something/someone that is never coming back to u, trust
me it hurts….
Jomiloju my darling, aunty loves you so much and I
promise you are going to get your bicycle soon. @tobi_casuals I know you
have to deal with this from time to time, you are so strong and I truly
admire you. God will definitely wipe your tears and bless you..
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