He lied! Mr Eazi’s LinkedIn profile reveals that he was only an intern at the company he claimed paid him $6k per month

Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade aka Mr Eazi’s LinkedIn profile has confirmed his fans guesses earlier on, after they slammed him and said he was an I T student at the company he claimed paid him $6K per month! (Read Here)

Claiming that he left the juicy Portharcourt job for music, he wrote:

After I came back from Ghana, I got a job in oil and gas
in Port Harcourt that paid about six thousand dollars per month but I
quit because I was not finding fulfillment in it. I mean it was the same
thing everyday, the same routine over and over again. The decision to
quit the job finally hit me when my boss’ wife left him even with all
the money he had.

Sharing the above throwback photo, he wrote:

After some digging, we found out that his LinkedIn professional profile clearly states that he was at the job for just 6 months as an intern.
See it below

Or maybe they pay interns $6000 per month there????

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